Books by Barbara Neely

BLANCHE PASSES GO by Barbara Neely
Released: July 10, 2000

"A trenchantly written feminist manifesto for women of color, women who've survived abuse, and men who don't mind having their hackles raised."
Fed up with housecleaning and her employers' genteel condescension in Boston (Blanche Cleans Up, 1998, etc.), Blanche White takes her attitude and hard-won independence back home to Farleigh, North Carolina, where she joins her best buddy Ardell in her catering business, tentatively enters a relationship with Thelvin, a widowed train conductor, and tries to come to terms with David Palmer, the man who raped her years ago, though she had been too terrified to report it. Read full book review >
BLANCHE CLEANS UP by Barbara Neely
Released: April 1, 1998

"The title says it all. (Author tour)"
Good thing Blanche White's housekeeping stint for right-wing gubernatorial hopeful Allister Brindle (a would-be politician who doesn't know anything about the Massachusetts electorate) is only temporary. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 14, 1994

"Even so, tracking down the victims of Faith's treachery makes for a pretty limp mystery that, as in Blanche's debut, takes a back seat to an acerbic portrait of class infighting at its most corrosive."
Segregation is alive and well at Maine's exclusive Amber Cove seaside resort. Read full book review >
BLANCHE ON THE LAM by Barbara Neely
Released: Feb. 4, 1992

"Primarily for southern gothic aficionados."
Blanche, a street-smart black domestic on the run from the sheriff for passing a bad check (again), winds up cooking and caring for edgy Miz Grace, her husband Everett, her wealthy, reclusive Aunt Emmeline, and her somewhat retarded Cousin Mumsfield at their summer home in Hokeysville, North Carolina—in a quirky mystery debut that pits Blanche against a Faulknerian cast of oddballs who may be trying to kill each other off to claim a southern fortune. Read full book review >