Books by Barbara Valenta

POP-O-MANIA by Barbara Valenta
Released: May 1, 1997

Flip! Pop! Boing! This amazing book practices what it preaches, by providing three-dimensional instructions for making pop-ups—from the super-simple to designs that look as if only a paper engineer or the truly nimble-fingered could construct. Fortunately, the instructions are a snap to follow, and extra guidance is included for concepts that are hard to grasp, e.g., a working model helps readers visualize the fold-out paper flaps that form a frog-shaped mouth. The entire book is truly interactive: a simple turn of the page activates sliders, spirals flaps, and spinners right in front of readers' noses. The whiz-bang color scheme assures this circus of fun ideas will keep imaginations perking. A superb medley of instruction, example, and dimension. (Nonfiction/pop-up. 6+) Read full book review >