Books by Barbara Victor

Released: Oct. 1, 2003

"Sure-footed reporting of what one hopes will be a passing moment in history—though all the signs shown here suggest not."
An eye-opening view of a rising generation of would-be martyrs in Israel and Palestine. Read full book review >
GODDESS by Barbara Victor
Released: Nov. 6, 2001

"Madonna is renowned for reinventing herself, and the author can't quite keep up. The overdetermined, central motif here—Madonna as Eva Perón—is already outdated."
Journalist Victor (The Lady, 1998, etc.) has clearly spent years conducting interviews and compiling quotes from secondary sources for her examination into the life of pop-goddess Madonna. Read full book review >
Released: March 20, 1996

"Reduces a tragedy to what seems a parody of well-intentioned reform."
This earnest polemic suffers from a fatal lack of proportion. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 1994

"Until we know whether and how Hanan Ashrawi will contribute to the humanitarian nature of a possible Palestinian state, any biography of her, particularly one as lacking in historical and biographical depth as Victor's, is premature."
A superficial, unreliable profile of the PLO's often articulate, photogenic spokesperson during part of the Intifada, and particularly during the Madrid and Washington negotiations with Israel (199193). Read full book review >
CORIANDER by Barbara Victor
Released: April 1, 1993

"What threatens to be a goopy, glitzy medical-soaper turns out to be a serious, largely successful political thriller."
An Argentine banker disappears in a fiery plane crash just before his bank is shown to be missing 50 or so million dollars. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 30, 1991

Victor (Absence of Pain, 1988; Misplaced Lives, 1990) doles out a plodding dull-o-drama of terrorist intrigue in the Middle East. Read full book review >