Books by Barbara Williams

THE HOPE IN LEAVING by Barbara Williams
Released: March 15, 2016

"An unsentimentally candid memoir of hope and determination."
A Canadian-born actress's account of how she survived—and then left—an impoverished and dysfunctional family. Read full book review >
H-E-L-L-L-P! THE CRAZY GANG IS BACK! by Barbara Williams
Released: Nov. 30, 1995

"865, etc.) has penned an unusually vapid tale, with attempts at comedy that come nowhere near the mark. (Fiction. 8-12)"
Kim arrives for her first day of eighth grade only to find that the Welcome Day program has been canceled because the student body officers have been sent home roaring drunk. Read full book review >
TITANIC CROSSING by Barbara Williams
Released: June 1, 1995

"Even young children are fascinated by this tale; a cinematic cover (a life-jacketed Albert in a watery foreground, the ship sinking behind him) will ensure the book's popularity. (Fiction. 8-14)"
Williams (Beheaded, Survived, 1987, etc.) revisits the tragic sinking of the Titanic in this engrossing historical novel Albert, 13, and his sister Virginia, 6, are returning to America from England on the ill-fated ship with their recently widowed mother, Katherine. Read full book review >