Books by Belle Ami

The One and More by Belle Ami
Released: June 8, 2014

"A steamy story powered by generous helpings of naughty sex and knotty suspense."
The second installment in Ami's erotic suspense saga, the sequel to The One (2014), continues the steamy story of Adelia Lindstrom, a recently divorced equestrienne and mother of 3-year-old twins who is struggling to move forward in life after picking up the pieces of her ended marriage. Read full book review >
THE ONE by Belle Ami
Released: Feb. 10, 2014

"A fast-paced, if somewhat muddled, novel that offers a fine mixture of sex and suspense."
In Ami's debut novel, a beautiful equestrienne finds herself caught between her husband, who wants ownership over her body, and his sister, who's desperate for a child. Read full book review >