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Ben Wilson is a graduate of Cambridge University and the author of The Triumph of Laughter: William Hone and the Fight for The Free Press, published in the UK in 2005.

HEYDAY by Ben Wilson
Released: April 12, 2016

"An above-average addition to the when-the-modern-age-began genre."
Did the modern world begin during World War I, in 1945, or perhaps with the steam engine in the 1700s? British historian Wilson (What Price Liberty!: How Freedom Was Won and Is Being Lost, 2009, etc.) makes an engrossing case for the dozen years after 1850.Read full book review >
Released: March 19, 2007

"A keen, compassionate understanding of the era."
They didn't emerge full-blown from the prissy head of history: The values we now associate with the Victorians were formed by the experiences, mores and manners of their immediate ancestors. Read full book review >