Books by Benjamin M. Schutz

Released: Dec. 1, 2005

"For dessert, Schutz serves up 'Meeting of the Minds,' a memorable cat-and-mouse tale that sucks you in with the same cool professionalism as its serial killer."
A dozen stories, mostly reprints from 1988-2001, show that an expert private-eye writer doesn't need a whole novel to get tough. Read full book review >
MEXICO IS FOREVER by Benjamin M. Schutz
Released: April 18, 1994

Despite the absence of his longtime lover, Samantha, Washington, D.C., shamus Leo Haggerty (A Fistful of Empty, 1991, etc.) remains as active as ever: Here he manages to wring three cases out of one woman. First he's hired to do a background check on Sarabeth Timmons, claimant to a $630,000 estate. No sooner has he proved that she's not really Sarabeth Timmons than Ellen Piersall, the lover who's taken her in, hires him to find out who she really is. No problem there either: She's an LA porn star named Fantasia, nÇe Darla Jean Ferguson. That's news enough for Ellen, who drops both the case and Darla Jean with a yowl. But when an investigator for the DA's office in LA comes blundering into Leo's office with a cock-and-bull story about needing to extradite Darla Jean as an informant who skipped town, Leo goes after Darla Jean himself, hiring himself out to her (hey, who's left?) as the guy who'll shield her from danger while he's figuring out why she was framed in a drug bust and what she might know about a former porn colleague that could make the LA law come after her with guns drawn. Fast, mean, and twisty, with all the usual violence saved for dessert: a perfect case for Leo's manic style. Read full book review >