Books by Bill Branon

DEVILS HOLE by Bill Branon
Released: May 10, 1995

"Action-packed with all the sex and shooting—which is good, since the characters and situations can't bear much scrutiny—but the torrent of technical and torrid detail all but washes away Branon's thin, far-fetched plot. (Book-of-the-Month alternate selection; $75,000ad/promo)"
Virtue, vice, and things naughty and nice clutch and pair in Branon's latest bang-or-be-banged thriller, as Las Vegas becomes a stalking ground where gamblers, gunners, and their girls frolic before getting down to some lethal business. Read full book review >
LET US PREY by Bill Branon
Released: Feb. 16, 1994

"Branon's outlaws, the nonpolitical ones, are appealing, funny, and, in their loyalty to each other, rather nice. (First printing of 100,000)"
A raffish lot of gamblers, assassins, and hookers unwittingly involve themselves in a mammoth anti-democratic conspiracy and then try to undo it. Read full book review >