Books by Bill Zehme

Released: Dec. 3, 2002

"A brisk and often funny style and a talent for catching his subjects off-guard with unexpected questions make for interesting glimpses of the real people behind their public personae."
Two decades of celebrity profiles for Esquire, Rolling Stone, Playboy, and other magazines. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 5, 1999

"Funny and tragic, as any comedian's story must be—even if Zehme holds his subject at arm's length, implying that a closer look might be too unsettling for Kaufman's fans. (First serial excerpt rights to Rolling Stone)"
A cartoonish biography of the eccentric comedian (currently the subject of a Milo— Forman biopic starring Jim Carrey) whose edgy, humorless, often hostile performances were considered avant-garde when he died of cancer at age 35 in 1984. Read full book review >
I'M ONLY ONE MAN! by Regis Philbin
Released: Sept. 14, 1995

"Chatty, glib, genial on the page just as he is in person, Regis will no doubt be doing plenty of dashing to sign copies of this for his fans. (24 pages b&w photos, not seen) (First serial to Good Housekeeping and TV Guide; Doubleday Book and Music Club alternate selection; author tour)"
What's it like to be Regis, morning TV's most popular chatterer? Read full book review >