Books by Blair Richmond

THE GHOST RUNNER by Blair Richmond
Released: Nov. 15, 2012

"Thoroughly entertaining. (Paranormal romance. 12 & up)"
Vegan vampires, Shakespearean actors, food-co-op aficionados and serious runners face off against old-school bloodsuckers and rapacious, forest-devouring builders in this follow-up to Out of Breath (2011) set in—where else?—Lithia (Ashland in disguise), Ore.  Read full book review >
OUT OF BREATH by Blair Richmond
Released: Oct. 31, 2011

"Ringing changes on readers' expectations, the pseudonymous author delivers plot twists with minimalist (for the genre) panache, producing a green parable infused with a rich sense of place: an organically grown confection. (Paranormal romance. 12 & up)"
Set in Lithia, a southern Oregon theater town (Ashland, thinly disguised), this series opener blends genre tradition with West Coast environmentalism. Read full book review >