Books by Bob Dob

RAPACIA by Dale E. Basye
Released: July 28, 2009

There's Heaven and there's Heck, with many places in between. One of those netherworldly places is Rapacia, a circle of Heck designed for the special torment of the greedy, presided over by a "freakish mountain of leering metal" known as the Grabbit. Her brother Milton has made an unprecedented escape from the underworld, but sociopathic Marlo is stuck in Rapacia, where she and her fellow greedy mall rats will be tortured by a world of mall-ish goods always just beyond their reach, a brilliant reimagining of the tale of Tantalus, another denizen of the underworld. Meanwhile, Milton, back in the world of the living, toils in middle school while trying to figure out how to rescue his sister. Basye's second installment in this planned monumental series is as chock-full of wordplay, clever allusions and puns as the first, and readers who delight in such extravagant humor will find it a heck of a good story. (Fantasy. 9-13)Read full book review >
HECK by Dale E. Basye
Released: July 22, 2008

When a 20-foot-tall marshmallow bear explodes at the Mall of Generica in Kansas, young Marlo and Milton are killed and sent to Heck, where "the souls of the darned toil for all eternity—or until they turn eighteen, whichever comes first." With other tortures, there's school in Heck: home economics taught by Lizzie Borden, ethics by Richard Nixon and biology by Typhoid Mary, whom they dissect while she's still conscious. And what would a journey to the netherworld be without a new friend named Virgil? Together, the threesome never abandons hope and never feels up the River Styx without a paddle, as they seek escape from this tedious and phantasmagoric world. Basye lays on thick with the wordplay and classical allusions, and readers may at times feel in Limbo along with Milton and Virgil. Humorous chapter titles, sly banter between characters and a richly imagined world ought to make this a hit for the intended audience. In tribute to old Blackbeard, who puts the "scurvy dogs" to work in one scene, rate this "Arrrrrgh." (Fantasy. 9-12)Read full book review >