Books by Bonnie Lemaire

Arina, Arina The Most Loved Child by Mamta Reid
Released: May 4, 2016

"A well-meaning book that loses its folkloric appeal in its obvious messages."
In Reid's (The Student Councilor, 2010, etc.) children's picture book and simple parenting guide, the impending birth of a fatherless child sparks lessons in positivity and spiritual healing. Read full book review >
The Adventures of Maesee Peek by Janet Hébert
Released: March 10, 2016

"An absolute delight, featuring a quirky, resourceful doll heroine."
In Hébert's illustrated debut children's book, a cloth doll with a special gold monocle, watch, and bustle gets lost and goes on adventures. Read full book review >
Too Hot to Moo by Karyn Henwood
Released: June 2, 2015

"Children will love Gracie's actions and expressions and will eagerly ask for rereads so they can chant along with the too-hot refrain."
What's a cow to do when her family gets a pool and she's left alone in her sunny field? Debut author Henwood's and veteran illustrator Lemaire's hilarious answer is a delightfully fun read-aloud. Read full book review >
LORD FANCY PANTS by Debbie Pakzaban
Released: July 10, 2014

"An inventive take on the perils of excess and the pleasures of bigheartedness."
In first-time children's author Pakzaban's gently off-the-wall picture book, a little boy with an obsessive attachment to his tailor-made fancy pants learns a lesson in generosity and friendship. Read full book review >
I'm Never, Ever Wrong...but Sometimes I Can Be! by Deborah Schneider Kraut
Released: July 19, 2012

"Modern, colorful illustrations and a fun tale ensure that this message never becomes too preachy."
A rhyming picture book that deals with self-esteem in children. Read full book review >
Released: July 2, 2011

"Though it begins quite dark, this winning tale quickly moves forward to reveal a touching story about a family who would do anything to save their beloved horse."
The story of a beloved animal best friend almost lost and the neighbor who couldn't see beyond his greed. Read full book review >