Books by Brad Leithauser

THE ART STUDENT’S WAR by Brad Leithauser
Released: Nov. 5, 2009

"Superb portraits of an endearing heroine and a cluster of finely observed secondary characters backlit by history, their brilliance slightly dimmed in the lower-keyed Part Three."
Fresh, captivating coming-of-age story from poet and novelist Leithauser (A Few Corrections, 2001, etc.). Read full book review >
Released: March 27, 2002

"A fine, quiet, and rewarding portrait, written in fluid verse that is both unobtrusive and elegant."
Novelist/poet Leithauser (A Few Corrections, 2001, etc.) himself admits that this one is long for a poem but short for a novel. Still, it's a pleasant hybrid no matter how you look at it. Read full book review >
A FEW CORRECTIONS by Brad Leithauser
Released: April 17, 2001

"Dialogue sometimes sounds more like writing than real speech, but for the most part, Leithauser maintains a breezy, believable tone while doing justice to his weightier life-and-death themes: a lovely read."
Leithauser (The Friends of Freeland, 1997, etc.) transcends the writing-school cleverness of his premise in a genuinely funny, quietly elegiac fifth novel. Read full book review >
NO OTHER BOOK by Randall Jarrell
Released: June 13, 1999

"In these well-chosen essays' unsparing generosity—and disparagement—Jarrell, unlike most critics, vividly conveys his enthusiasm for and occasional disappointment with contemporary poetry."
A selection from the ardently, offhandedly composed criticism of, in editor Leithauser's words, "an informal, brazen, unfootnoted diamond-in-the-rough." Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 16, 1998

"Always agreeable, but Leithauser's modest passions seldom compel."
The fourth collection by the novelist (The Friends of Freeland, 1997, etc.) and MacArthur fellow demonstrates the same formal fluidity and clarity of expression as his previous books. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 24, 1997

"Skillfully crafted and conceived, but far too long and obvious."
A Northern Saga, longer than an Arctic shadow and tougher to swallow than frozen venison filet, from a gifted poet and novelist (Seaward, 1993, etc.) who seems to have had a lot of time on his hands. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 22, 1995

"As Leithauser remarks about his attraction to Iceland (and by extension, all the topics here), he needs subjects remote from his experience and literary tradition, a guiding principle that leads both to exotic insights and, occasionally, to the abstruse."
The subjects in this collection of scrupulous, varied, but sometimes ephemeral essays from poet and novelist Leithauser (Seaward, 1993, etc.) range from mathematical to literary creativity, from Japan to Iceland. Read full book review >
SEAWARD by Brad Leithauser
Released: May 18, 1993

"An honest failure by a true master: had Leithauser only tightened (and shortened) the plot he could have hit the mark, but he dawdles his way through and loses his chance."
Leithauser (Equal Distance, 1984; Hence, 1988) peers uncertainly into the more remote corners of the middle-class soul- -in this sadly prosaic account of grief and desire. Read full book review >