Books by Brenda C. Roberts

JAZZY MIZ MOZETTA by Brenda C. Roberts
Released: Oct. 14, 2004

Jazzy Miz Mozetta, a bespectacled African-American woman, sees the fat yellow moon and is inspired to "Skiddle de wee bop she bop . . . yeah!" She dons her favorite dress and "pizzazzy" hat and struts downstairs, all aglow. A crazy beat from the hip-hopping kids across the street thumps away and she wants to dance, too, but when her achy old checkers-playing friends won't join her and she can't duplicate the youngsters' splits and shimmies, she forlornly heads back upstairs. Anyone who's ever felt all dressed up with nowhere to go will understand Miz Mozetta's excitement and subsequent deflation. Fortunately, the night is saved and the tables are turned when friends pop in for some old-style jitterbugging—and even the street hipsters join the fun. Morrison captures the exuberant spirit of Miz Mozetta with a colorful jumble of exaggeratedly long, skinny limbs in dynamic illustrations that dance to the beat of a fresh, rhythmic story. Duke Ellington is right—"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing"—and this vivacious offering definitely does. (Picture book. 5-8)Read full book review >