Books by Brenda Lynn

A STREET CALLED HOME by Aminah Robinson
Released: Oct. 1, 1997

In an accordion book with flaps, an extraordinary celebration of Mount Vernon Avenue, a street that sprang from an Ohio shantytown called the Blackberry Patch that was the destination for many African-Americans pushing north during the turn of the century. The book is an eyeful, in bold and swarming colors; the characters readers meet (their names and occupations are spelled out under the flaps) seem fabulous, but it's clear they were ordinary fixtures on Mount Vernon Avenue—``a self-sufficient street, it knew how to survive.'' There is the Sockman, who washes and mends old socks; Doctor Kickapoo, the Medicineman, with his peach leaves for rheumatism and pouches of asafetida and greegree; the Cameraman; the Chickenfoot woman. The pages can be flipped and read, but children will want to pull the whole accordion out and revel in the pulsing street scene. There is an agreeable sentimentality to this 1940s tableaux that refuses to go pretty, a sense that readers are witnessing the real thing. (Picture book. 4-9) Read full book review >