Books by Brian Ball

Released: May 1, 1991

Jill and Harry find a talking sword (Sigismund, or ``Siggy'') who says they've have been chosen for a quest involving an ogre and a dragon guarding a rescuee who—in the absence of a more suitable damsel (Jill is one of the rescuers, and Mom certainly isn't eligible)—proves to be Queenie, the family pooch. Off they go to ``Mandragora''; Harry carries Siggy, but Jill has the best ideas. The ogre isn't hard to divert with bubble gum; Queenie has made a bosom buddy of the dragon and is reluctant to come home; the greatest unpleasantness is a bit of teasing from their peers when they return, still in costume. As intended, this ``Springboard'' fantasy is feather light, though it does make an effort to counter reverse stereotypes (Jill does tae kwon do and enjoys wearing her damsel's gown). The action and repartee are predictable but amusing; full-page b&w drawings reflect the lively good humor. Acceptable additional fare. (Fiction/Young reader. 7-10) Read full book review >