Books by Brian Boyd

LETTERS TO VÉRA by Vladimir Nabokov
Released: Nov. 4, 2015

"Fans of Nabokov, and certainly scholars, will be captivated by these intimate expressions of the writer's heart and mind."
Portrait of a marriage, revealed through a legendary writer's letters to his wife. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 14, 2012

"Raw material on the life of a dissident thinker that does little to enhance or further damage his reputation."
The last volume of the letters and journals of the prototypical mad scientist, Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957). Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 1991

"But for the reader it will awaken a great block of humanity. (Photographs—not seen.)"
Magnificent last volume of Boyd's critical biography of Vladimir Nabokov (Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years, 1990). Read full book review >
SPEAK, MEMORY by Vladimir Nabokov
Released: Jan. 1, 1951

"A minor classic, one of the richest works of a master stylist."
A colored spiral in a small ball of glass, this is how I see my life," remarks Nabokov in an almost mock-Hegelian passage near the end of a rippling, vivid, ironically elegiac memoir, ranging "geographically from St. Read full book review >