Books by Bruce Brooks

DOLORES by Bruce Brooks
Released: April 1, 2002

"Still, Brooks wows the reader with his finely honed craft, piercing dry wit, and clever turn of phrase. (Fiction. 10+)"
In this meticulously written short-story collection, Brooks chronicles the life of a singular young girl as she travels the rocky road from seven to sixteen. Read full book review >
ALL THAT REMAINS by Bruce Brooks
Released: May 1, 2001

"Great reading from a great writer. (Fiction. 11-15)"
Grim, funny, poignant, exciting, irreverent, heartening, heartbreaking, and inescapably thought-provoking, these three stories feature teenagers helping each other over rough spots with friendship and respect. Read full book review >
THROWING SMOKE by Bruce Brooks
Released: May 31, 2000

"Pushy parents and coaches might find food for thought here, too. (Fiction. 10-12)"
The cerebral Brooks (Vanishing, 1999, etc.) puts a characteristic spin on this Matt Christopher-style tale of a ragtag Little League team that gets some unexpected help. Read full book review >
VANISHING by Bruce Brooks
Released: June 30, 1999

"Rex and Alice speak with wise older voices, but thoughtful readers will glean that character and plot are less important here than the shimmering web of ideas, ironies, motives, and options they convey. (Fiction. 11-15)"
PLB 0-06-028237-1 Framed as it largely is in conversations between two preteen hospital patients, this cerebral meditation on death and independence reads like a converted stage play. Read full book review >
EACH A PIECE by Bruce Brooks
Released: Oct. 31, 1998

"Children will find this appealing, but the book may be tucked into Christmas stockings and slipped into love letters for grown-ups as well. (Picture book. 6-10)"
A valentine of a picture book—his first—from Brooks (The Red Wasteland, p. 808, etc.). Read full book review >
Released: July 1, 1998

"The philosophical tone and intellectual subject matter may be in search of an audience, but some readers will treat this as a sampler before going on to some of the original sources from which these selections were culled. (Anthology. 12+)"
Brooks (Shark, p. 493, etc.) compiles a survey of nature writers at their best and worst. Read full book review >
SHARK by Bruce Brooks
Released: May 30, 1998

"It's still a fast, compelling read, and several notches above anything else of its kind. (Fiction. 8-12)"
paper 0-06-440681-4 The latest installment in the thoughtful—though action-oriented—Wolfbay Wings series (Woodsie, 1997, etc.) moves away from the better members of the team to Sebastian, jokingly nicknamed Shark, one of the "Spaz Line" of players who are there to fill empty positions. Read full book review >
WOODSIE by Bruce Brooks
by Bruce Brooks, illustrated by Erik Butler
Released: Oct. 30, 1997

"Wit and intelligence run as undercurrents to the game action, with a surprising ending that will have readers wild for the next installment. (Fiction. 8-12)"
In the first book of the promising Wolfbay Wings series, Dixon Woods is new to hockey and new to the Wings, last year's regional champs. Read full book review >
Released: June 30, 1996

"While Brooks exhibits, as usual, that he is a born storyteller with a flair for imaginative detailing, plot takes a backseat to theme in this satiric, intellectual exercise. (Fiction. 10+)"
Brooks (Boys Will Be, 1993, etc.), at his most cerebral, introduces a moral puzzle in this tale of a teenager being pressured into public sainthood by his parents. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 1, 1994

"B&w photo section; index. (Biography. YA)"
With the help of a cerebral and enthusiastic co-author, the New York Knicks' veteran guard reflects on life and basketball. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 15, 1993

"Excellent, well-placed color photos; useful, discursive glossary; brief index. (Nonfiction. 9+)"
Compared to Predators! and Nature by Design (both 1991), this third in the award-winning novelist's Knowing Nature series shines; now, rather than distracting, the jocular informal tone engages and amuses, while Brooks expresses even complex ideas in a lucid, wonderfully accessible style (``Once you begin to pay attention, the natural world is suddenly a wildly noisy place, and behind each noise is intention''). Read full book review >
BOYS WILL BE by Bruce Brooks
Released: Oct. 1, 1993

"A final essay on respect caps off—without quite drawing together—this funny, thoughtful miscellany. (Nonfiction. 11+)"
A former boy, and now father of two more, offers some quirky essays on the inner life of the young American male, explaining why so many of them talk trash to one another, wear sports caps every waking moment, and seem unconcerned—at a certain stage—with masking body odor. Read full book review >
WHAT HEARTS by Bruce Brooks
Released: Oct. 30, 1992

From an outstandingly perceptive writer, a moving portrait of a boy of extraordinary intelligence and sensitivity, observed at four revealing turning points. Read full book review >
NATURE BY DESIGN by Bruce Brooks
Released: Nov. 27, 1991

"Glossary; index. (Nonfiction. 10+)"
In the new ``Knowing Nature'' series, this book about animal-made structures (honeycombs, spider webs, termite, wasp, and bird nests, etc.) has eye-catching color photos; unfortunately, the text (by the author of The Moves Make the Man, 1985 Newbery Honor) is wordy, stilted, and unsatisfying. Read full book review >
NO KIDDING by Bruce Brooks
Released: April 30, 1989

In his third novel, Brooks (The Moves Make the Man, Newbery Honor, 1985) postulates a 21st-century society where teen-agers routinely become their parents' guardians. Read full book review >