Books by Bryan Perro

THE KEY TO BRAHA by Bryan Perro
Released: March 13, 2012

"Perhaps readers of the first in the series will want to continue on, but this effort neither stands alone nor compels. (Fantasy. 10-14)"
In the second of the series, 12-year-old Amos unwittingly takes on a hazardous mission: He's killed so he can pass into and fix a netherworld crowded with dead souls who aren't being permitted to pass on to their appointed fates. Read full book review >
THE MASK WEARER by Bryan Perro
Released: Feb. 8, 2011

"Occasionally complicated names aside, it's best considered training wheels for fantasy readers. (Fantasy. 10-12)"
Chucking in characters, incidents and motifs from various mythologies and folktale traditions, Perro opens his Amos Daragon series—which runs to 12 volumes in the original French—with early exploits of his trickster hero against a brutal but stupid overlord (" ‘I'm boiling water for dinner, my good lord. Read full book review >