Books by C. Clark Criscuolo

BANK ROBBERS by C. Clark Criscuolo
Released: Feb. 8, 1995

"This winsome fairy tale sounds much funnier than it is, because Criscuolo drops the farcical twists of his lovely debut Wiseguys in Love (1993) for the leaden pacing of an overinflated sitcom."
Fed up with a system that won't even cover treatment for her osteoporosis, Dottie Weist, The Geezer That Roared, decides to rob a bank so she can get caught and bunk in the same secure digs as Leona Helmsley. Read full book review >
WISEGUYS IN LOVE by C. Clark Criscuolo
Released: July 19, 1993

"Newcomer Criscuolo can't quite sustain the frantic plotting for his story's whole length, but it's a lot of fun watching him try."
A rollicking farce—and first novel—exploring the disorganized side of a New York City family of organized criminals. Read full book review >