Books by Camilla Jessel

Released: Feb. 1, 2000

"The final shots of costumed dancers onstage is nevertheless inspiring, making this excellent book the one that supportive adults will press into the arms of the artistic aspirants they care about most deeply. (glossary) (Nonfiction. 7-11)"
Jessel (The Kitten Book, 1992, etc.) views a typical year in the life of pupils at England's Royal Ballet School, from successful audition to daily training for what most of them hope will be stardom somewhere on the international ballet stage. Read full book review >
THE KITTEN BOOK by Camilla Jessel
Released: March 1, 1992

"Still, both are worthy purchases. (Nonfiction. 4-8)"
The growth of a litter of Burmese kittens, in an attractive photodocumentary. Read full book review >