Books by Carol Anne Davis

EXTINCTION by Carol Anne Davis
Released: Dec. 1, 2011

"Not even the most brilliantly repellent earlier work by Davis (Kiss It Away, 2004, etc.) quite prepares you for this seven-course banquet of violence, sex and violent sex."
The amorous adventures of a sociopathic Bristol psychotherapist and his shrinking list of patients. Read full book review >
KISS IT AWAY by Carol Anne Davis
Released: Feb. 12, 2004

"Though the climax is a letdown, Davis's intensity is sure to leave a bad taste in your mouth for days."
Davis (Noise Abatement, 2001, etc.) unveils her scariest hero yet: a steroid-addicted psychopath who's not only nasty but who inspires nastiness all around him. Read full book review >
NOISE ABATEMENT by Carol Anne Davis
Released: April 2, 2001

"In her hands, even the most banal problems turn into something unspeakable."
Every city-dweller on the planet has been driven to distraction by unwelcome noise from upstairs, but the three young Edinburgh professionals who live above Stephen and Caroline Day seem to belong in a class by themselves. Read full book review >
SHROUDED by Carol Anne Davis
Released: Oct. 1, 1997

"Following the progress of his necrophiliac romance is like watching the Titanic and the iceberg glide inexorably toward each other."
Twenty years after his goldfish dies and he stops loving his mother or anybody else, Douglas Tate is working as an Edinburgh undertaker. Read full book review >