Books by Carol Brennan

CHILL OF SUMMER by Carol Brennan
Released: May 11, 1995

"A surprisingly successful attempt to mingle updated Shakespearean comedy with murder most foul."
Actress Emily Silver's summer at her late grandmother's place in Dutchess County starts with a bang when, during a power outage, she discovers a dead body in the basement freezer. Read full book review >
IN THE DARK by Carol Brennan
Released: April 13, 1994

"Brennan (Full Commission, 1993; Headhunt, 1991) expertly balances sunshine and shadow as she shows why the demons from the past don't stand a chance against sprightly, gutsy Emily."
Twenty years after fleeing in terror from the scene of her parents' murder in New York, actress Emily Silver attends the premiere of her first movie at a Los Angeles theater—and hears behind her the same whispering voice that drove her into hiding as a girl that night. Read full book review >
FULL COMMISSION by Carol Brennan
Released: Feb. 15, 1993

"An undemanding, amiable read, though amateur sleuth Wareham is a tad more naive than one would expect from a twice-divorced, 40- ish, Upper Westside New Yorker."
When New York p.r. hotshot Liz Wareham (Headhunt, 1991) stops her cab to defend a little old lady, Ada Fauer, from hired muscle Jerry Zeibach, she finds herself smack in the middle of a tenant- landlord brouhaha: Ada's building is part of self-made millionaire Alfred Stover's plans for his upscale Westover development, and the current residents are being frozen out—and worse. Read full book review >
HEADHUNT by Carol Brennan
Released: June 1, 1991

"Amiable, middle-aged Liz, feisty O'Hanlon, and clever business and plot shenanigans make for a readable, likable first effort."
A low-key debut for public-relations woman Liz Wareham, whose 7:30 a.m. client meeting finds the client—King Carter, CEO of an executive search firm—skewered to his desk with an antique Chinese dagger. Read full book review >