Books by Carol Gorman

GAMES by Carol Gorman
Released: Jan. 1, 2007

"Full of heartbreak and betrayal, this realistic tale will give middle-school readers something to ponder. (Fiction. 11-15)"
Two middle-school boys have an affinity for getting into fights with each other to the point where schoolmates are taking bets against them. Read full book review >
DORK ON THE RUN by Carol Gorman
Released: June 1, 2002

"Nevertheless, an enjoyable, often amusing read with a resourceful protagonist that has something to say about both being true to and standing up for one's self. (Fiction. 8-12)"
Jerry Flack, a nice but rather dorky sixth-grade boy, decides to run for class president against a handsome, popular classmate. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 2000

"Carrie Channell, Mat Coward, Brian Lawrence, Wendi Lee, Janet Pack, Tom Piccirilli, Roman Ranieri, Peter Schweighofer, and Edo van Belkom supply fresh blood, with reprints by Carole Nelson Douglas, Joan Hess, and Nancy Pickard making the case that nine lives are never enough."
The gimmick of the latest Gorman-sponsored collection of cat mysteries (Ed Gorman's co-edited Cat Crimes Through Time, 1998, etc.) is that there's no gimmick, unless you count the presence of a dozen felines in key roles. Read full book review >
DORK IN DISGUISE by Carol Gorman
Released: Sept. 30, 1999

"A funny tale, with a truly in-your-face cover illustration, meant to snag those who care about cool and those who pretend they don't. (Fiction. 8-12)"
PLB 0-06-024867-X A book that celebrates the many notches of cool; although the territory isn't new, Gorman (Jennifer-the-Jerk is Missing, 1994, etc.) makes sure readers enjoy this lesson in what makes a dork tick. Read full book review >
Released: June 30, 1994

"A pleasantly thrilling escapade, with some minor implausibilities and only the threat of violence. (Fiction. 10+)"
A cozy comic mystery in which 13-year-old Amy Whipple is corralled by the wealthy Wylies to pinch-hit as babysitter. Read full book review >