Books by Carole Fréchette

IN THE KEY OF DO by Carole Fréchette
Released: April 1, 2003

The unlikely friendship of two French-Canadian high-school girls illuminates the emotional turmoil both have undergone through the loss of a parent. At age 14, conventional Vero finds herself appalled by the outrageous clothing and attitude of the new girl, Do. At first intent on avoiding Do, Vero nevertheless agrees to work with her on a class project, only to find aversion changing to fascination. Their friendship deepens until Do simply disappears just as the girls were planning an unauthorized trip to visit Vero's long-absent father. Two years later, Vero becomes obsessed with finding Do. In alternating chapters, readers move from the girls' past friendship to Vero's present search for her missing friend. Along the way they learn of the losses each has suffered—Vero's father, and Do's deceased mother. This brief but compelling French novella should capture the attention of many young readers with its insightful treatment of adolescent friendship and of the swirling emotions felt by teens with absent parents. (Fiction. YA)Read full book review >