Books by Caroline Tung Richmond

HUNGRY HEARTS by Elsie Chapman
Released: June 18, 2019

"A brilliant multicultural collection that reminds readers that stories about food are rarely just about the food alone. (map, about the authors) (Anthology. 13-adult)"
A collection of 13 #ownvoices stories that amplify the central role food plays in families and cultures. Read full book review >
LIVE IN INFAMY by Caroline Tung Richmond
Released: March 27, 2018

"The historically enticing premise is brilliantly crafted, but the story too often becomes ungainly. (Alternative history/dystopian adventure. 12-16)"
In an alternate world in which the U.S. lost World War II, a young man grapples with the cost of revolution. Read full book review >
THE DARKEST HOUR by Caroline Tung Richmond
Released: July 26, 2016

"Thrills, action, and the moral certainty of fighting Nazis drive this thriller. (Historical thriller. 12-14)"
A girl spy in Nazi-occupied France contends with a dastardly Nazi plot as well as treason within the Allied ranks. Read full book review >
THE ONLY THING TO FEAR by Caroline Tung Richmond
Released: Sept. 30, 2014

"Overall, a satisfying and appropriately hectic action adventure with a perfectly likable if interchangeable (but for her biracial heritage) protagonist. (Dystopian adventure. 12-15)"
That 20th-century speculative-fiction staple, the what-if-Hitler-won-the-war alternate history, meets 21st-century special-girl dystopia. Read full book review >