Books by Carolyn Cohagan

TIME ZERO by Carolyn Cohagan
Released: May 16, 2016

"Girl power need not be Islamophobic—but this book is. (Dystopian romance. 14 & up)"
In Cohagan's dystopian theocracy of New York City, women and girls wear face-covering veils and modest clothes and are forbidden to read, and the men wear beards and tunics. Read full book review >
THE LOST CHILDREN by Carolyn Cohagan
Released: Feb. 9, 2010

Twelve-year-old Josephine falls through a wormhole into a land whose cruel ruler bears her distant father's name in this confused and confusing debut. Arriving suddenly in the cellar of a decrepit orphanage, Josephine quickly hooks up with silent Fargus and bossy Ida (who seems none the worse for having both parents murdered), then escapes to take on the locality's Master—an all-knowing, unaging lad who compels families to give up their children. Said children are left tied up in deep holes, where a pair of doglike monsters feed on them in some nebulous way. Most of the tale reads like a rough draft: Fargus and Ida somehow go from free to captive with no transitional scene, for instance, and the author never troubles to explain how the Master can know everything about everybody in the land, or what exactly it is that the monsters consume that leaves their victims (and the Master) with adult minds in the bodies of children. Readers who get to the resolution will find it as contrived and illogical as the rest of the book. (Fantasy. 11-13)Read full book review >