Books by Carolyn Cooke

AMOR AND PSYCHO by Carolyn Cooke
Released: Aug. 9, 2013

"Cooke writes with passion, empathy and considerable humor as her characters face life-changing issues of divorce, illness, self-destruction and impending death."
Erotic, whimsical, profound—almost all of Cooke's stories illustrate what Matthew Arnold terms "the eternal note of sadness." Read full book review >
THE BOSTONS by Carolyn Cooke
Released: June 7, 2001

"Cooke's attractive voice alternately thrusts bluntly and lilts poetically, keeping the reader alive to the shifts of emotional texture and mood that enrich this promising debut."
A seductively written, engaging first collection organized around a family of "Bostons," the name native Maine residents assign vacationers from the south. Read full book review >