Books by Cary Robinson

BURP GUN BANDIT by Cary Robinson
Released: Jan. 1, 2014

"Often funny; sure to send readers to Careless and Dudley's debut story."
Robinson's amateur sleuth and his trusty canine sidekick return (The Dudley Files: Sold Out Without the Holdout, 2012) to help a young couple assume their rightful claim to a grandfather's estate. Read full book review >
THE DUDLEY FILES by Cary Robinson
Released: March 5, 2012

"An unfocused crime novel, but an entertaining tale of companionship.
A debut crime novel that focuses far more on comedy than mystery. Read full book review >
SOUL HEELER by Cary Robinson

"A mystery tale that engagingly puts a spotlight on a lovable, floppy-eared pooch."
The third in Robinson's (Burp Gun Bandit, 2014, etc.) detective series gives a steadfast canine companion his own origin story.Read full book review >