Books by Catherine Aird

DEAD HEADING by Catherine Aird
Released: June 17, 2014

"All the dry wit of Aird's very British police procedurals (Past Tense, 2011, etc.) is joined this time by an especially tricky mystery."
The Calleshire constabulary investigates a number of puzzling crimes that simply must be connected. Read full book review >
PAST TENSE by Catherine Aird
Released: March 1, 2011

"The latest in Aird's long string of slyly humorous mysteries featuring Sloan and Crosby (Losing Ground, 2010, etc.) is a classic English police procedural sure to delight her many fans."
Finding a connection between the recently deceased Josephine Short and a young woman found drowned is a thorny problem for DCI Sloan and his dense sidekick, Constable Crosby. Read full book review >
LOSING GROUND by Catherine Aird
Released: June 24, 2008

"A middling entry in Aird's long string of mysteries featuring the wit and wisdom of Sloan (Amendment of Life, 2003, etc.)."
Theft, arson and a pile of bones add complexity to a challenging case for Detective Chief Inspector CD Sloan. Read full book review >
AMENDMENT OF LIFE by Catherine Aird
Released: Feb. 28, 2003

"Clumsy plotting and fussy writing make this one of prolific veteran Aird's lesser efforts."
The latest in the long line of stories featuring Detective Inspector C.D. Sloan and his rarely helpful underling Detective Constable Crosby, of Calleshire's County CID (Little Knell, 2001, etc.) is kicked off when Milly Smithers, caregiver to aged Daphne Pedlinge of Aumerle Court, calls to report a body her mistress has seen in the middle of the Aumerle maze, a feature of the estate now open to the paying public and constantly, with the help of a strategic pair of binoculars, under the watchful eye of Miss Pedlinge. Read full book review >
LITTLE KNELL by Catherine Aird
Released: April 1, 2001

"Only lovers of the formula's most ritualistic features will want to join veteran Aird for this one."
It looks like a rather exotic new case for Detective Inspector Sloan of England's Calleshire Constabulary (Stiff News, 1999, etc.). Read full book review >
STIFF NEWS by Catherine Aird
Released: Jan. 12, 1999

"Disappointing stuff from a usually reliable veteran."
Strange things are happening at the Almstone Nursing Home for retired military officers and their wives in the town of February, the turf of Detective Inspector C.D. Sloan, his Superintendent Leeyes, and his Detective Constable Crosby (After Effects, 1996, etc.). Read full book review >
INJURY TIME by Catherine Aird
Released: Aug. 14, 1995

"From respected veteran Aird, uncompelling work in an unsympathetic format."
Sixteen stories in which the sleuthing is shared by the author's longtime hero, Detective Inspector C.D. Sloan, of Calleshire county (A Dead Liberty, 1987, etc.), and well-connected Henry Tyler, of the Foreign Office. Read full book review >