Books by Catherine Coulter

As one of America's most prolific Romance writers, Catherine Coulter has written about several historical periods in her vastly popular character-linked series books. Each year she promises --- and delivers --- her die-hard fans continuations of at least

THE FINAL CUT by Catherine Coulter
Released: Sept. 17, 2013

"Coulter and Ellison have created a new son of Bond licensed to shine in future thrillers. Genre fans will find the action nonstop."
The FBI and Scotland Yard combine forces to recover a famous jewel. Read full book review >
BOMBSHELL by Catherine Coulter
Released: July 9, 2013

"The latest addition to Coulter's FBI series (Whiplash, 2010, etc.) uses a run-of-the-mill mystery to bring together some of her fans' favorite characters."
FBI agents tackle several high-profile cases in and around the Beltway. Read full book review >
PRINCE OF RAVENSCAR by Catherine Coulter
Released: Nov. 1, 2011

"The latest addition to the long-running Sherbrooke series (The Heiress Bride, 1993, etc.) offers pleasant characters and an easily solved mystery for fans of historical romance."
A hard-used family of English aristocrats deals with yet more plots and murder attempts. Read full book review >
WHIPLASH by Catherine Coulter
Released: June 15, 2010

"A so-so outing, although Coulter's fans will likely enjoy the new characters."
Coulter (KnockOut, 2009, etc.) delivers the 14th novel in her long-running series of thrillers featuring FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock, this time introducing two new major characters. Read full book review >
BLINDSIDE by Catherine Coulter
Released: Aug. 1, 2003

"And so it goes in Coulter land (Eleventh Hour, 2002, etc.). "
Everybody's favorite fantasy: dead math teachers. Read full book review >
ELEVENTH HOUR by Catherine Coulter
Released: July 22, 2002

Following Hemlock (2001), the seventh in Coulter's FBI thrillers, which she seemingly bangs out as effortlessly as she did her 37 historical romances that rang bells on the Times's bestseller list. Read full book review >

HEMLOCK BAY by Catherine Coulter
Released: Aug. 6, 2001

"Preposterous plot, improbable people: a familiar mix from bestselling Coulter (The Edge, 1999, etc.)."
FBI agent Dillon Savich is on the trail of twin serial killers—or are they triplets? Read full book review >
RIPTIDE by Catherine Coulter
Released: July 10, 2000

Regency novelist Coulter moved to suspense a few years back and now offers her fifth thriller (after The Edge, 1999, etc.). Read full book review >

THE EDGE by Catherine Coulter
Released: Aug. 2, 1999

            After writing some 45 historical romances, Coulter recently decided to try another genre.  She turned to the modern thriller and took on serial killers and the FBI in The Target (1998), whose husband-and-wife team, agents Lacy "Sherlock" Savich and Dillon Savich, return here.  FBI agent Floyd MacDougal lies in Bethesda Naval Hospital, recovering from the blast of a terrorist car-bomb, when he has a nightmare about his sister, medical researcher Jilly Bartlett, pushing her Porsche to 85 miles an hour, shooting over a Portland coast road cliff at midnight, and sinking into black water.  Well, Jilly had been acting strange and, secretly, hearing voices, but how can he explain hearing and seeing her 3,000 miles away in Oregon?  Four days later, Mac tries to visit Jilly in Portland, where she's come out of a coma at last - but then she vanishes from the hospital.  Sherlock and Dillon join Mac to look for Jilly, a search that amazingly leads into Costa Rica's rain forests, where the dangers include deadly animals and drug dealers.  But the real answer to his disappeared sister - and her vanished husband as well - lies below the edge of the cliff where Jilly flew into space.

            Far from rich characters, though the main story (shades of The Lady Vanishes) will keep the pages turning.  (Author tour)

Read full book review >
THE MAZE by Catherine Coulter
Released: July 1, 1997

"Overall, not Coulter's finest."
Popular historical romancer Coulter (Rosehaven, 1996, etc.) takes on serial killers, the FBI, and a wholly implausible cast in her latest venture. Read full book review >
ROSEHAVEN by Catherine Coulter
Released: July 16, 1996

To her usual successful mix of romance, humor, and spicy sex talk (think Wife of Bath with a pinch of dominatrix), the author of the Legacy trilogy (The Valentine Legacy, 1995, etc.) adds a rather substantial leavening of Disney-esque animal characters to a story set in 1277 England. Read full book review >

THE VALENTINE LEGACY by Catherine Coulter
Released: Aug. 1, 1995

"Without a scrap of period ambiance, and buffeted by marathon titillation, Coulter's romances, even so, have pace, humor, and, above all, a welcome cheerfulness."
Third confection in Coulter's circa-Regency Legacy romances, with a formula by now etched in marzipan: strong-minded, beautiful, unsinkable heroine; marital sex spread lavishly and in lavender; a concluding bit of mystery and suspense. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 28, 1994

"It's generally Coulter's successful mix: Along with comic names like Goonbell, there's a persistent, titillating sordidness."
From big-selling Coulter, spicy historical romance mixed with a jarring note of sadomasochistic sexual violence. Read full book review >
THE WYNDHAM LEGACY by Catherine Coulter
Released: Jan. 1, 1994

"A quick circulator."
For Coulter's sizable following (The Heiress Bride, etc. etc.): a blast-off for a new Regency trilogy involving romance and a trace of mystery. Read full book review >
THE HEIRESS BRIDE by Catherine Coulter
Released: Jan. 5, 1993

"Silly and cheerful."
Last blast of passion and splashy action in Coulter's "Bride" trilogy (the paperback The Sherbrooke Bride and The Hellion Bride) featuring the good works of a 16th-century ghost (who's picked up a partner) to help out a new bride with her Scots bridegroom, a castle, and assorted nasty beings. Read full book review >
BEYOND EDEN by Catherine Coulter
Released: Jan. 13, 1992

"Elementary but heavy on action."
By the author of False Pretenses (1988), Impulse (1990), and a series of paperback others: a crammed packaged romance featuring sex (bad, bad sex), family screaming, a tidbit of mystery, hasty glamorata, and real love—all set mainly in Manhattan. Read full book review >
IMPULSE by Catherine Coulter
Released: May 28, 1990

"An Electra complex gone awry, this daughter's exuberant search for her father fumbles amateurishly toward the finish line."
A reporter makes time to investigate her precarious paternal roots—in another banal and unconvincing romantic adventure from Coulter (False Pretenses, 1988). Read full book review >
FALSE PRETENSES by Catherine Coulter
Released: Oct. 28, 1988

"For those who can buy that there's life on Wall Street after the concert stage, and who like guys with lines like this: "I want your body, lady.""
Coulter's first hard-cover: a grade-B business soap about a concert pianist turned CEO. Read full book review >