Books by Catherine Fisher

THE DOOR IN THE MOON by Catherine Fisher
Released: March 24, 2015

"Engrossing and addictive. (Science fiction/fantasy. 12 & up)"
Past, present and future collide; science fiction melds with fantasy and historical thriller in the third volume of this genre-blending quartet. Read full book review >
CIRCLE OF STONES by Catherine Fisher
Released: Aug. 28, 2014

"Elegant, admirable and thought-provoking—but not, alas, engaging. (Historical fiction/suspense. 12-18)"
Myth, fiction and history are layered into a narrative edifice as impressive and impenetrable as the architecture the story celebrates. Read full book review >
THE SLANTED WORLDS by Catherine Fisher
Released: March 18, 2014

"Gorgeous, atmospheric, and addictive but ultimately frustrating; absolutely necessary wherever the first has fans. (Science fiction/fantasy. 12 & up)"
This second in a projected trilogy provides a sumptuous genre-blend of time travel, dark fantasy and post-apocalyptic thriller, along with more complications than answers. Read full book review >
OBSIDIAN MIRROR by Catherine Fisher
Released: April 23, 2013

"Readers will be dazzled, captivated, frustrated and desperate for the next installment. (Science fiction/fantasy. 12-18)"
Classic fantasy, horror and literary tropes mingle in uneasy tension in this ambitious, maddening, fascinating opener to a projected trilogy. Read full book review >
DARKWATER by Catherine Fisher
Released: Nov. 1, 2012

"A dark but graceful parable of temptation, pride, revenge and hope; ideal for classroom reading. (Fantasy. 11-16)"
A slim, elegant retelling of the classic Faustian fable, with an inspirational twist. Read full book review >
THE MARGRAVE by Catherine Fisher
Released: Aug. 9, 2011

"Readers who came for the adventure will be left pondering the fragile alliance between mercy, justice, duty and responsibility. (Science fiction. 11-16)"
The conclusion to Fisher's science-fantasy quartet satisfies, despite failing to answer a number of nagging questions. Read full book review >
THE HIDDEN CORONET by Catherine Fisher
Released: July 12, 2011

"Anyone who has kept up with the story will be on tenterhooks for the concluding volume. (Science fiction. 11-16)"
The stakes are rising and the tone is darkening in the third title of this quartet, the science-fictional underpinnings of which are becoming more prominent. Read full book review >
THE LOST HEIRESS by Catherine Fisher
Released: June 14, 2011

"A sturdy, above-average adventure tale with flashes of brilliance. (Fantasy. 11-16)"
Character development trumps story advancement in this second entry of a fantasy tetralogy. Read full book review >
THE DARK CITY by Catherine Fisher
Released: May 1, 2011

"Well-crafted storytelling provides more than the sum of its parts. (Fantasy. 11-16)"
A gripping fantasy adventure, the first of a tetralogy, satisfies but does not surprise. Read full book review >
SAPPHIQUE by Catherine Fisher
Released: Nov. 1, 2010

"Not for everyone; but for those who can appreciate the interplaying reflections of lies, myths and memory, a modern masterpiece. (Science fiction. YA)"
In this dark, brilliant sequel to Incarceron (2010), worlds within worlds collide to mutual destruction—or, maybe, rebirth. Read full book review >
INCARCERON by Catherine Fisher
Released: Feb. 1, 2010

"Like the finest chocolate, a rich confection of darkness, subtlety and depth, bittersweet and absolutely satisfying. (Science fiction. YA)"
A far-future thriller combines riveting adventure and masterful world-building with profound undertones. Read full book review >
CORBENIC by Catherine Fisher
Released: Sept. 1, 2006

"The teen's progress is rarely seen in mythic terms, but here it works just right. (Fiction. 12+)"
A sullen teen is unwillingly cast as the hero in a modern replay of the Grail Quest. Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 2006

"A triumphant finale to a complex and multilayered adventure. (Fiction. 12+)"
The Oracle Prophecies trilogy plunges to its conclusion amidst madness, intrigue and armed struggle—exactly the wild ride readers have come to expect. Read full book review >
DARKHENGE by Catherine Fisher
Released: March 1, 2006

"The portrayal is delicate and poetic, the journey frightening, with suspense that builds as young, bitter Chloe decides whether or not to return to life. (Fantasy. YA)"
A complex sibling relationship journeys into an intricate world of old fables and psychology. Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 2005

"The narrative cuts back and forth from storyline to storyline in a series of mini-cliffhangers—which maintain an almost painfully heightened tension right to the end—that will have readers queuing for the concluding volume. (Fiction. 10+)"
Assassination attempts, double-crosses and plots within plots enliven this breathlessly paced follow-up to The Oracle Betrayed (2004). Read full book review >
SNOW-WALKER by Catherine Fisher
Released: Sept. 1, 2004

"Delicately written yet unquestionably solid, this supremely satisfying one-volume trilogy combines snow and ice with loyalty, love, trust, and adventure. (Fantasy. 10-15)"
Richly atmospheric Nordic fantasy aswirl with snow and magic. Read full book review >
THE ORACLE BETRAYED by Catherine Fisher
Released: March 1, 2004

"A tale that will linger long in readers' memories; fortunately, the sequel is already on its way. (Fantasy. 10+)"
The US debut of a respected British fantasist offers a richly imagined adventure with overtones of ancient Greece and Egypt. Read full book review >
ALTERED STATES by Catherine Fisher
Released: June 30, 2000

"These delightful poems weave myth and dream in new and lyrical ways sure to please more than one group of readers."
Twenty-one shorter poems in Fisher's third collection often provide a startling twist that creates a pang of delight and surprise, while three longer works allow for that and a fuller narrative exploration. Read full book review >