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Catherine Merridale is the author of the critically acclaimed Night of Stone, winner of Britain’s Heinemann Award for Literature. A professor of contemporary history at the University of London, she also writes for the London Review of Books, the New Stat

LENIN ON THE TRAIN by Catherine Merridale
Released: March 28, 2017

"A superbly written narrative history that draws together and makes sense of scattered data, anecdotes, and minor episodes, affording us a bigger picture of events that we now understand to be transformative."
British historian Merridale (Red Fortress: History and Illusion in the Kremlin, 2013, etc.) fills a lacuna in the canonical record of Soviet communism. Read full book review >
RED FORTRESS by Catherine Merridale
Released: Nov. 12, 2013

"Visitors of Russia and social historians alike will benefit from Merridale's thoroughgoing research and lively writing."
Comprehensive study of Moscow's walled city, for centuries a byword for power, secrecy and cruelty. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 2, 2006

"Revealing history that renders the struggles on the Eastern Front in telling detail and with searching moral scrutiny."
Glorified by Soviet myth-makers as simple, heroic "Ivan," the common soldier in the Red Army in fact grappled with despair and his own government as well as the Nazis. Read full book review >
Released: April 2, 2001

"Written with consummate skill and enormous compassion."
A wrenchingly poignant examination of how the Russian people have coped with a century of tragedy and loss. Read full book review >