Books by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Catherine Ryan Hyde is the author of the novel Funerals for Horses (Russian Hill Press 1997), a collection of short fiction, Earthquake Weather (Russian Hill Press 1998), the novels Pay it Forward (Simon & Schuster Feb. 2000), Electric God (Simon & Schust

ASK HIM WHY by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: Dec. 8, 2015

"A poignant and warmly humorous tale of emotional survival."
A soldier's refusal to go out on a raid sets in motion the collapse—and metamorphosis—of his entire family. Read full book review >
PAY IT FORWARD by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: Aug. 19, 2014

"A mostly satisfying book that offers young readers an important alternative worldview and a vision of responsible activism. (Fiction. 11-15)"
A lesson for middle schoolers about the power of a good idea to change the world. Read full book review >
TAKE ME WITH YOU by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: July 22, 2014

"A story about good people doing their best to survive, combined with a message that will cause readers to close the book feeling a bit more hopeful about humanity."
Hyde's followers, who love the warmth and inspiration they draw from her work (Walk Me Home, 2013, etc.), won't be disappointed by this latest effort. Read full book review >
WALK ME HOME by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: April 30, 2013

"Hyde knows how to punch all the emotional hot buttons but neither plot nor characters are believable or original."
Hyde's newest (Diary of a Witness, 2009, etc.), about two sisters looking for a home after their mother's death, straddles the fence between adult and YA fiction. Read full book review >
DIARY OF A WITNESS by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: Aug. 25, 2009

"Overall, the story is engrossing, and it compassionately depicts the ever-increasing fury of Will, a warty but understandable character stretched to the breaking point, as he slogs through the hell known as high school. (Fiction. 12 & up)"
Hyde portrays high school as downright frightening, a place where socially elite bullies are given free rein to torment the less fortunate with impunity. Read full book review >
THE DAY I KILLED JAMES by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: May 13, 2008

"Teens who have experienced crushing rejection or who have laughed at the ardent feelings of a classmate will devour this original, gripping story. (Fiction. YA)"
Theresa knew James totally loved her but used him anyway; she never expected he'd kill himself when she broke his heart at a graduation party. Read full book review >
CHASING WINDMILLS by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: March 4, 2008

"A gentle tale centering on how people come to grip with their pasts."
Hyde (Love In The Present Tense, 2006, etc.) chronicles two New Yorkers' efforts to escape their different but equally constricting lives in a sweet tale openly modeled on West Side Story. Read full book review >
Released: March 27, 2007

"Few such regeneration books have the capacity to actually reach young people trapped in addiction; this one might. (Fiction. YA)"
The author of Pay It Forward turns her attention to alcoholism in this novel about a girl descending into addiction. Read full book review >
LOVE IN THE PRESENT TENSE by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: May 30, 2006

"Sparked with humanity and a lively vernacular."
The author of Pay It Forward (2000) proves she has some staying power with this sad-funny love triangle of neighbors and caregivers who alternately tell their story over the course of 25 years. Read full book review >
BECOMING CHLOE by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: March 28, 2006

"Vibrant and heartbreaking. (Fiction. YA)"
Tender, amazingly hopeful and only occasionally sentimental, this tale of two lost children comes from the author of Pay It Forward. Read full book review >
WALTER’S PURPLE HEART by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: April 10, 2002

"Shamelessly sentimental, although many will fall for Hyde's tidy, quick-going, mannerist paragraphs."
Hyde perfects the heart-string-pulling techniques of Pay It Forward (2000), this time in a story about a WWII soldier reincarnated in the body of a free-spirited 21-year-old California man who tracks down the soldier's now elderly old buddy and best girl—to humorous, romantic effect. Read full book review >
ELECTRIC GOD by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: Nov. 3, 2000

"A smooth, gripping yarn, though it doesn't quite deliver all it promises."
A kind man whose violent outbursts rob him of all he loves is the protagonist of Hyde's third novel, slightly glib but possessing some of the quiet poignancy of its predecessor, Pay It Forward (2000). Read full book review >
PAY IT FORWARD by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Released: Feb. 1, 2000

"A quiet, steady masterpiece, with an incandescent ending. (Film rights to Warner Bros.; Book-of-the-Month featured alternate/Quality Paperback Book Club alternate selection; $250,00 ad/promo; author tour)"
The buzz is big for this heartwarming, funny, and bittersweet story from Hyde (Funerals for Horses, not reviewed) about a teenager's plan to better the world. Read full book review >