Books by Cathi Hanauer

THE BITCH IS BACK by Cathi Hanauer
Released: Oct. 1, 2016

"A provocative collection about 'what happens later, after those frantic, demanding, exhausting years with work and very young kids and, sometimes, not enough money.'"
Successful women writers reflect on being mature and female in early-21st-century America. Read full book review >
GONE by Cathi Hanauer
Released: June 19, 2012

"Hanauer delivers a novel that is rich with relatable characters, realistic in its approach and highly readable."
Family dynamics change when a husband abandons his wife and two children. Read full book review >
SWEET RUIN by Cathi Hanauer
Released: June 6, 2006

"Skillfully imagined, bittersweet portrait of marriage and sacrifice."
The inner (and outer) life of a grieving suburban mom is thrown into turmoil when she becomes attracted to a delicious young neighbor. Read full book review >
MY SISTER'S BONES by Cathi Hanauer
Released: April 1, 1996

"A persuasive, well-rendered, and rich first novel about family systems."
From September to May, here are an eventful few months in the life of a plucky New Jersey girl, a doctor's younger daughter who is coming of age just as her beautiful older sister begins to succumb to anorexia. Read full book review >