Books by Cathy Morrison

IF A MUMMY COULD TALK… by Rhonda Lucas Donald
Released: Feb. 10, 2019

"An unusually animated way to unwrap a popular topic. (source list) (Informational picture book. 7-10)"
Comments from and about a dozen mummies, from those of a woolly mammoth and an ancient Egyptian dog to Vladimir Lenin's. Read full book review >
BABY ON BOARD by Marianne Berkes
Released: March 1, 2017

"A comforting, informative read even if the rhyme gets a bit carried away. (Informational picture book. 3-6)"
A rhyming description of many ways that animals, and people, carry and protect their young. Read full book review >
WILD ONES by Carol L. Malnor
Released: March 1, 2016

"Scooter's adventure is suitable for young children, while the endnotes will interest general readers of all ages. (Picture book. 3-7)"
Readers meet many animals common to U.S. cities when a shaggy, terrierlike dog slips away from home for a day and wanders around his neighborhood. Read full book review >
OVER ON THE FARM by Marianne Berkes
Released: March 1, 2016

"While the activities and song will be valuable learning tools, the artwork leaves something to be desired, especially in a series that has previously held such high standards. (Picture book. 4-8)"
Berkes continues her "Over in the Meadow" habitat songs with this look at animals on a farm. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 10, 2015

"A didactic mix of a folk tale and measurement. (Math picture book/folk tale. 4-8)"
Berkes combines the familiar fable with a look at measurement. Read full book review >
IF YOU LOVE HONEY by Martha Sullivan
Released: Sept. 1, 2015

"A neat look at connections many children can see in action. (Informational picture book. 5-8) "
A cycle of logical syllogisms takes readers from the title stipulation through a series of conclusions that ends at the beginning. Read full book review >
PITTER AND PATTER by Martha Sullivan
Released: March 1, 2015

"An unusually striking glance at the water cycle. (Informational picture book. 4-8)"
Startlingly realistic artwork takes readers through the water cycle. Read full book review >
DINO TREASURES by Rhonda Lucas Donald
Released: Sept. 10, 2014

"Donald is no Douglas Florian (Dinothesaurus, 2009), but even rabid young dino fans will come away with a clearer sense of what fossil clues tell us. (bibliography) (Informational picture book. 7-9)"
The author of Dino Tracks (2013) adopts a broader purview, introducing in verse 13 things we can infer about dinosaurs from fossil and other evidence. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 2014

"A vivid introduction to a vital habitat. (Informational picture book. 4-9)"
A cumulative rhyme describes the components of a prairie from soil partners, roots and pollinators through plants, grazers and predators to the sky-high lightning that brings revitalizing fire. Read full book review >
DAISYLOCKS by Marianne Berkes
Released: March 1, 2014

"Though it's too bad Daisylocks' botanical name (Bellis perennis) is never used, it's nevertheless an inventive introduction to habitats. (Picture book. 6-8)"
The story of a daisy seed looking for the best place to grow is here used as a tool to introduce different habitats. Read full book review >
DINO TRACKS by Rhonda Lucas Donald
Released: Sept. 1, 2013

"Passable art and content, but the narrative presentation couldn't be worse. (map) (Informational picture book. 7-9)"
Donald gets the paleontology right in this introduction to fossilized tracks and trackways but crams it into verse that is, to put it mildly, dreadful. Read full book review >
I WANT A PET! by Cathy Morrison
Released: Sept. 1, 2012

"Good fun for very young animal lovers. (Picture book. 2-4)"
How do you find the perfect pet? Read full book review >
NATURE RECYCLES by Michelle Lord
Released: Feb. 10, 2012

"Well-meant but not convincing. (Informational picture book. 5-9) "
Reuse and recycling happen throughout the natural world; you should do it, too. Read full book review >
ANIMALOGY by Marianne Berkes
Released: Sept. 5, 2011

"Flawed, but it fills a niche that is otherwise almost empty. (Informational picture book. 4-8) "
Fauna are used to teach children about analogies. Read full book review >