Books by Celeste Conway

UNLOVELY by Celeste Conway
Released: Jan. 2, 2015

"Recommended for those who want more than just a romance—or for readers who have an innate dislike for slender, graceful young women with long legs and necks and great posture. (Suspense. 14-18)"
As Harley begins dating one of a group of ballerinas, he starts to become suspicious of the potentially threatening behavior of the rest. Read full book review >
Released: March 20, 2012

The novel's Romeo is Lucien, the manic, self-important son of a French diplomat, and Juliet is Tessa, the querulous daughter of an American FBI agent. The story takes place far from Verona, in Argentina, an exotic locale that functions as one of the few appealing characters in the book. Lucien's penchant for dangerous behavior is well known in diplomatic circles and ostensibly the reason why Tessa's father has forbidden her to see him. The two must meet in secret, and so begins the downward spiral of an astonishingly dysfunctional, co-dependent relationship. Lucien is a teen Svengali, lazing about in a silk kimono, working on "guerilla" art projects and threatening to consume Tessa with his neediness. It's difficult to even characterize narrator Tessa, because the harder she falls for Lucien, the more frustratingly weak and subservient she becomes. The love scenes, at least initially, are steamy, and the narrative, particularly when describing the setting, is often rich and sensuous, but neither of these things can make up for the novel's shortcomings. Read full book review >
THE GOODBYE TIME  by Celeste Conway
Released: Dec. 9, 2008

"Why do people say New Beginnings when they really mean the opposite?" wonders Manhattanite Anna, as her fifth-grade graduation approaches and changes seem to be affecting everyone she knows. Her intellectually gifted 15-year-old brother will be leaving for Harvard soon, and her classmate Michael, who just returned to school after a lengthy absence following his father's death, will be moving away. While Anna and her best friend, Katy, once role-played their favorite television show, using fake accents to boot, the two become separated by Katy's anger and sadness when her mentally disabled brother is placed in a care facility. Easing the tween through this period of growing up are her parents', her brother's and Michael's pithy words of wisdom. In this breezy, quick, first-person narrative, Anna teeters between lingering in childhood and becoming a teenager. Mixing age-appropriate feelings and observations too experienced for someone Anna's age, Conway presents a children's novel that wants to be YA. Even the cover is ambiguous. (Fiction. 9-12)Read full book review >
THE MELTING SEASON by Celeste Conway
Released: Nov. 14, 2006

Giselle, daughter of a world-famous ballerina and a dancer in her own right, struggles to reconcile memories of her late father with her current reality. To keep her world in order, Giselle keeps a busy schedule between attending a respected school for the arts in New York City and training as a ballerina on the weekends under her mother's strict tutelage. After meeting Will, a sensitive and empathetic boy from the suburbs, Giselle's firm yet tenuous grasp on her life begins to loosen as he challenges her to let go of the past. Clear but disturbing memories of her father's illness begin to surface as she realizes some long-buried truths about her childhood and gains an appreciation for her mother. Allusions to the ballet about Snegurochka, the Russian Snow Maiden, may be lost on some, but they are beautifully drawn. Additionally, the highly cultured world of Giselle's family and friends will be foreign to many teen readers; however, this backdrop is original and the characters who play against it are interesting and intelligent. Well-written and urbane. (Fiction. YA)Read full book review >