Books by Charles D’Ambrosio

Charles D’Ambrosio is a fiction writer and essayist. His book of stories, The Point, was published in 1995 by Little Brown. D’Ambrosio was born and raised in Seattle, attended Oberlin College from 1977 to 1981, lived in New York, then returned to Seattle

LOITERING by Charles D’Ambrosio
Released: Nov. 11, 2014

"Erudite essays that plumb the hearts of many contemporary darknesses."
An essayist and short story writer returns with a collection of pieces ranging in subject from whaling to a Russian orphanage to J.D. Salinger. Read full book review >
THE DEAD FISH MUSEUM by Charles D’Ambrosio
Released: April 21, 2006

"An emerging master of the short story returns with a collection that should expand his readership."
The mysteries of family run deep in this unsettling collection of stories about blood ties that bind, unravel and strangle. Read full book review >
THE POINT by Charles D’Ambrosio
Released: Feb. 8, 1995

"Individually, these are imaginative stories, but they're linked by few common threads of theme, place, or literary structure."
This debut collection of stories from a crackerjack craftsman lacks a coherent theme, almost as if D'Ambrosio had chosen a magic number (seven, in this case) of complete stories and decided to publish them when he reached it. Read full book review >