Books by Charles Dennis

GIVEN THE EVIDENCE by Margaret Barrett
Released: Oct. 1, 1998

"Anybody interested in a new Manhattan soap opera will find enough overgalvanized minor characters and felonious subplots for an entire season of Lawyer on the Edge, with enough loose ends for a second season's worth of teasers."
A wildly overstuffed suspenser that pits A.D.A. Susan Given (Given the Crime, 1998) against every lowlife in Manhattan, and a couple of late arrivals from offshore. Read full book review >
GIVEN THE CRIME by Anne Beane Rudman
Released: Jan. 1, 1998

"Great entertainment."
Immensely amusing debut suspenser by Rudman, an assistant district attorney in the New York District Attorney's office, who teams up with old-hand screenwriter/novelist Dennis (Somebody Just Grabbed Annie, 1975, etc.) to give readers the lowdown on Manhattan's Assets and Forfeiture Division, for which Rudman works. Read full book review >