Books by Charles Drazin

FRENCH CINEMA by Charles Drazin
Released: June 14, 2011

"A cogent, approachable and comprehensive look at the endlessly fascinating world of French film."
Drazin (Film Studies/Queen Mary Univ., London; The Man Who Outshone the Sun King: A Life of Gleaming Opulence and Wretched Reversal in the Reign of Louis XIV, 2008, etc.) presents a lucid, engaging history of French film, from the fanciful, whimsical inventions of pioneer Georges Méliès to the formalist daring and intellectual rigor of contemporary artists like Olivier Assayas and Catherine Breillat. Read full book review >
THE JOURNALS by John Fowles
Released: May 5, 2005

"But Fowles is preeminently, of course, one of the most accomplished English novelists of the last half-century, and this glimpse into his education and work is a pleasure."
The master British novelist records, in shapely prose, the struggles involved in attaining his craft, as well as the usual coming-of-age worries. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 2003

"Despite the preening tone, a useful business history and a panoramic view of the foolhardy excesses of the late 1990s."
Riches-to-rags tale of an innovative European Internet concern. Read full book review >