Books by Charles Wilson

Released: May 10, 2012

"A moving story of one man's success in producing healthy food for those who need it the most."
Urban farming with a passion. Read full book review >
GAME PLAN by Charles Wilson
Released: Jan. 1, 2000

"Smart, fast, and full of enough slaps on the cheek to keep you awake half the night."
Though 1993's The Cassandra Prophecy featured mere murder and drug smuggling, ever-brilliant Wilson's more recent thrillers have given their action sequences a titillating grounding in future science, as in Donor (nerve regenerating) and Embryo (Gestation outside the womb). Read full book review >
Released: April 15, 1993

"An author to watch."
Secret Service agent Clay Rodgers, returning to Biloxi after his brother is killed aboard the family yacht Cassandra, can't imagine what anyone had against inoffensive Robert—until traces of drugs aboard the boat link him to possible drug-dealing by his former employer, Cajun strip-joint king Antonio Brouchard, and a well- organized Vietnamese smuggling ring determined to kill off any informants interested in the reward Clay's advertised. Read full book review >
SILENT WITNESS by Charles Wilson
Released: March 16, 1992

"But the story is cluttered by subplots that make the final revelation both incredible and obvious."
Wilson follows his startling debut in last year's Nightwatcher with another twisted tale of passion and murder in central Mississippi. Read full book review >