Books by Charlotte Bacon

THE TWISTED THREAD  by Charlotte Bacon
Released: June 14, 2011

"A long-winded tome whose creator (Split Estate, 2008, etc.) excels only in proving that uninteresting characters make uninteresting reading."
Murder is added to the curriculum at a posh boarding school. Read full book review >
THERE IS ROOM FOR YOU by Charlotte Bacon
Released: April 1, 2004

"Lovely descriptions of India in a presentation that, still, may puzzle as much as reward."
Bacon's second novel (following Lost Geography, 2000), set in the early '90s, meanders along to India with a recently separated New Yorker who delves with strenuous purpose into the history of her English-Indian mother's upbringing. Read full book review >
LOST GEOGRAPHY by Charlotte Bacon
Released: April 1, 2000

"A resonant, impressive debut."
A lyrical first novel from Bacon (A Private State: stories, not reviewed) exploring the cycle of loss and renewal as it works itself out in the lives of four generations of women. Read full book review >