Books by Charlotte Link

THE WATCHER by Charlotte Link
Released: May 15, 2014

"Link (The Other Child, 2013) switches so deftly among her different characters' viewpoints that the web she weaves is tinged by an exceptionally powerful sense of miasmal paranoia. Only the hyperextended last act, plunging her damsel into a much more traditional kind of distress, is a letdown."
Someone is watching Gillian Ward. Actually, several someones, each with a different agenda, some of them creepy, one of them lethal. Read full book review >
THE OTHER CHILD by Charlotte Link
Released: April 1, 2013

"A compelling story, but the cop on the case isn't likely to garner fans with her approach to crime solving."
Although she's well-known in Germany, this book marks Link's first real entry into the American market. Read full book review >