Books by Cheng Ruan

Released: Oct. 8, 2016

A healthful, diet-focused program aims at stemming and even reversing the effects of Type 2 diabetes. Dietician Chan teams up with physician Ruan in the creation of a lifestyle modification plan and recipe guidebook directing readers toward improving their health. In this debut manual, Chan channels her immense passion for food and lifestyle positivity into the text, believing that "the intimate relationship we have with what we put in our body should help us live a fruitful, healthy life." Ruan's motivation stems from a number of his patients, newly diagnosed with diabetes, who embarked on a regimen of mindful diet and exercise changes to stabilize blood sugar levels. This routine's cornerstones involve tracking eating habits, establishing healthy goals, and obtaining greater food knowledge. The authors explain that the widespread use of processed sugars in foods sparked a diabetes epidemic, with a contributing factor consumers' addiction to an "instant reward and gratification" system. The book describes diabetes in layperson's terms, making the guide accessible to a diverse audience. The authors' co-developed, cohesive plan, called Layers of Living Success, aims to "bring the idea of food back to the basics of simple meal decisions." Their program is simply structured around a model of food recategorization using multiple nutrition layers alongside the critical role each food group plays in the development (and possible reversal) of Type 2 diabetes. The program is founded on the ideals of portion control; nutritional components like protein, fats, and refined grains; dietary education; and the concepts of glycemic index charting and insulin resistance. Patient compliance is a sticking point, the authors contend. By using graphs and charts in a center section, the plan's categorization techniques come to life by clearly delineating behavioral requirements for success as well as the foods included in each of the system's layers and a tracking log. The plan is further fortified with a color photography section detailing a refreshingly diverse recipe selection. These inviting recipes, tailored toward the Living Success protocol, feature categories like soups, meats, fish, and even baked goods. Well-structured and written with care and compassion, the book is ideal for newly diagnosed diabetics searching for nonpharmaceutical remedies. The authors' helpful and healthful guidance seeks to enable readers to seize control of their condition and offers tips on the maintenance of overall health, wellness, and vitality. A smart, informational, and greatly applicable addition to the diabetic guidebook genre. Read full book review >