Books by Cher

Released: Nov. 17, 1998

A collection of short, easily digestible anecdotes—of her first Rolling Stones concert, her first solo recording, her first wedding ceremony—told by Cher and committed to paper in a tone of talkiness that seems to come straight from the tape recorder. Each brief recollection, some not more than a paragraph in span, stands on its own, but the separate reflections combine to tell the larger story of Cher's bumpy rise from poor sassy kid and naive starlet to independent singer and award-winning actress. Much to her credit, Cher has bypassed the common pitfall of the confessional genre: that of over-analyzing minor events and attributing to them major, long-term outcomes. Instead, the memories are stated sparsely; she doesn—t spend too much time explaining them or justifying them emotionally. The result: a lighter, more enjoyable read. Though her bits and pieces don—t always hang together solidly, and don—t always follow in exact chronological order, the overall effect is nevertheless like listening in on Cher's candid musings about significant events in her life. Oddly enough, her gimmicky format (most vignettes end too conveniently with an aphorism) actually works. Co-author Coplon has also been co-author to Sarah, Duchess of York. Despite cute, contrived styling, the reminiscences unfold in an honest and personal (though sometimes —performed—) fashion. As an added bonus, one can open the book at almost any page and start right in—the perfect arrangement for hard-pressed readers. (32 pages color and b&w photos) (Television satellite tour) Read full book review >