Books by Chris Humphreys

Released: Aug. 12, 2008

This conclusion to the Runestone Saga forces Sky to choose between seductive power and saving the world. Sky and his cousin Kristin must perfect their Fetch powers and their attendant time-traveling magic to fight their megalomaniac grandfather, Sigurd. Sigurd has formed a personality cult and plans to tap the powers of his followers to bring about Ragnarok, the end of the world. Only by possessing the bodies of their ancestors—Roundheads, witches, Vikings and Norman invaders—can Sky and Kristin gain the strength to fight Sigurd. But possession is dangerously attractive, and Sky finds himself tempted to misuse his powers. As with its predecessor, Vendetta (2007), Sky is irritatingly perfect; Kristin is simply less smart, less gifted and more subject to temptation. Even when they are traveling beyond their control, Sky is consistently drawn into his most admirable ancestors. Nonetheless, the historical sequences add excellent flavor to this mythic adventure, with the Battle of Hastings seeming more real than modern Britain. (Fantasy. 12-14)Read full book review >
VENDETTA by Chris Humphreys
Released: Aug. 14, 2007

When Sky studied his maternal grandfather, he was drawn into a dangerous world of Viking shapeshifters, and his cousin Kristin was possessed by the old man's spirit. Now he hopes to rescue Kristin by turning to the magic of his paternal grandfather. From Norway he has fled to Corsica, where he is embroiled in a centuries-old vendetta between his own family and that of a beautiful young woman. Sky will only be taught the magic of his ancestors if he ends the vendetta by killing lovely Jacqueline Farcese. Can Sky use time travel, berserker madness and shapeshifting—his cursed powers from his Norwegian bloodline—to bring a different ending to the vendetta? Sky's Corsican adventure is less brutal and overwritten than his travels in The Fetch (2006), allowing more scope for the atmospheric and history-laden tale. Sky could benefit from a few more weaknesses (his tendency to be the smartest magic user in three countries becomes tiresome), but this trilogy is heating up. (Fantasy. 12-14)Read full book review >
Released: July 11, 2006

A boy is drawn into the violent past of his grandfather and Viking ancestors. Sky's not looking forward to a summer with his estranged cousin Kristin, until they find Grandfather Sigurd's runes in an old chest in the attic. Runecasting leads Sky to animal shapeshifting, dangerous haunts and visions of going a-Viking with his berserker forefather, Bjorn. Sky and Kristin run off to Norway on a mysterious quest, where they discover that Sigurd is neither so dead, nor so benevolent, as they'd originally suspected. Sky's lessons in unexpectedly potent violence lead him to some hard decisions. The cousins slog through overwritten prose (though some historical Viking scenes are brought beautifully to life with language reminiscent of Anglo-Saxon alliterative rhythms). Despite pacing, a compelling adventure that asks hard questions of its characters. (Fantasy. 10-13)Read full book review >