Books by Christian McLaughlin

SEX TOYS OF THE GODS by Christian McLaughlin
Released: Oct. 10, 1997

Scriptwriter McLaughlin toils earnestly to pack sex, sensationalism, and B-list names into his follow-up to Glamourpuss (1994): Here, a wide-eyed Hollywood newcomer finds love, work, and a rock star for a best friend. Jason Dallin, fresh from Ohio, is nursing champagne dreams while punching a time clock as a video-store clerk. By an improbable turn of events, he finds himself house-sitting a $10- million Beverly Hills mansion where his neighbors turn out to be his idol, has-been pop star Marina Stetson, and her husband Hank. Jason's fawning adoration and bottomless knowledge of music trivia win over Marina, who's feeling insecure about her comeback album and who inexplicably doesn't seem to have any other friends. By force of will, Jason keeps his lust for Hank secret. But hunky Hank shows up alone one night, and some manly swimming races evolve into graphically rendered poolside groping. Hank, it turns out, has just realized he's gay and is smitten with Jason. Jason, for his part, wakes up to moral qualms but sorts out his loyalties. Then Marina shows up devastated—she's discovered her husband's gayness, though she doesn't know about him and Jason. And Jason, inspired by the trauma of a recent mugging, writes a brilliant video script for one of the songs on her new album—the needed ticket to the job of his dreams. But what will happen if his best friend and music-industry mentor sees the surreptitiously made video (don't ask) of his night of passion with her by-now-estranged husband? Subplots abound. Jason's former roommate, obsessive-compulsive Tricia, for instance, feels she deserves to move up at the talent agency where she's best known for her neatly typed Rolodex cards. Her frustration turns to revenge when her brutish boyfriend (with an agenda of his own?) coaches her on just how to sabotage her unappreciative boss. A good-natured, unapologetically shallow Cinderella story with X-rated interludes. Read full book review >
GLAMOURPUSS by Christian McLaughlin
Released: Oct. 11, 1994

Your basic boy-meets-boy love story, with a daytime-drama twist. Alex Young just got a three-year contract to play a villain on the fifth-ranked soap opera ``Hearts Crossing.'' But his life is far from perfect. He's still pining over Nick Miller, the beautiful lawyer he couldn't free from a codependent relationship with an egocentric dud back in Austin, Texas. He's trying to get on with his life by dating a drop-dead-gorgeous sitcom actor named Trevor Renado, but finds he just can't say ``I love you'' back. When a trashy magazine publishes a photo of Alex kissing Trevor goodbye at the airport, and Alex refuses to deny that he's gay, his career is affected. His publicist tries to get him seen on the town with a lesbian the PR man also represents. (Of course, Alex refuses.) A self-important soap starlet will no longer kiss him, and the producer accommodates her by re-blocking the scene. (Alex feigns cooperative innocence.) Then the show's writer creates an unbelievable ``homoerotic'' story line for Alex whereby viewers are ``shocked, outraged, delighted and titillated in various combinations.'' The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation protests the negative image of gays conveyed by Alex's sadistic character as he uses a mysterious drug to make straight characters gay. A sexually obsessed fan who calls himself Astaroth (after the wizard in Bedknobs and Broomsticks) won't stop stalking him. And the fragile relationship with Trevor falters because Trevor can't handle the publicity about Alex being gay. But we know it's all going to work out—and it does: Both Alex's career and his love life are better at the novel's end than they were at the beginning. A light, predictable, enjoyable debut—as meaningful as an afternoon of soaps, but much more entertaining. Read full book review >