Books by Christina Bartolomeo

THE SIDE OF THE ANGELS by Christina Bartolomeo
Released: May 1, 2001

"A fine, funny, and deft blue-collar valentine from Bartolomeo (Cupid and Diana, 1998)."
Can a D.C. publicist find true love with a union organizer? Oh, yes. Twice. Read full book review >
CUPID AND DIANA by Christina Bartolomeo
Released: May 1, 1998

A contemporary romantic soufflÇ: boy meets girl, girl already has fiancÇ, girl dumps fiancÇ, boy dumps girl. Bartolomeo's witty debut novel embraces the pitfalls and pratfalls of modern romance as they assail Diana Campanella, who's never wanted anything but some peace and quiet. Which is what she thought she had with Philip, a high-powered D.C. attorney with Mayflower roots. Their three-year engagement, however, has turned into the monotony of married life, without even the redeeming fun of a wedding and honeymoon to look back on. To compound the depressing effect of Diana's relationship, her beloved vintage clothing boutique seems to be failing; it's likely she—ll soon have to go back to her Washington desk job promoting the benefits of nuclear energy. And then into her life walks Harry Sandburg, handsome, charming, basically soulmate material. A friend of her sister Cynthia's (an infamous New York lingerie model involved with a married soap opera star), Harry has just relocated to D.C. after a messy separation from his wife. He proceeds to sweep Diana off her feet just as Philip is ready for the big commitment'setting a date for the wedding. Two-timing Philip isn—t easy for good Catholic girl Diana, but on the wings of Harry's love comes further good fortune—with Cynthia's help, her shop is becoming the toast of the town. Then, just as Diana's life seems to be fitting together—Harry's passion, the shop's success, Philip finally dumped—Harry goes back to New York to reconcile with his wife. Will a repentant Diana marry Philip? Will she fight for Harry? Will she stop bickering with her crotchety Italian pop? Can a girl find happiness in the backwaters of Washington? Chances are that she can, and the finale has our heroine looking fine in the arms of true love. Amusing, but so light that if you breathe on the page, the words will fly right off. Read full book review >