Books by Christine Andreae

Released: Oct. 1, 2000

"A thoughtful depiction of ordinary lives transformed (but not obliterated) by the shadow of death."
A sensitive first-person narrative of one volunteer's hospice work over an eight-year period. Read full book review >
SMOKE EATERS by Christine Andreae
Released: March 1, 2000

"After three creditable Lee Squires novels (A Small Target, 1996, etc.), Andreae takes a giant step forward with her appealing ‘smoke eater': tenderhearted and womanly, tough-fibered and competitive."
There's a monster fire at Justice Peak, Montana, and it belongs to Matty McCullough. Read full book review >
A SMALL TARGET by Christine Andreae
Released: Oct. 18, 1996

"But Andreae stocks her trailbags with interesting people, even if most of them drop out of the story too soon."
A third course for poet/professor/trail-chef Lee Squires (Grizzly, 1994, etc.), whose job back east just can't keep her out of the Montana Rockies, even though the results are uniformly fatal. Read full book review >
GRIZZLY by Christine Andreae
Released: Nov. 11, 1994

"But you could hibernate through a long winter while she gathers evidence proving what most readers will have assumed from the beginning."
Second-novel blues for the talented Andreae (Trail of Murder, 1992), who unconvincingly packs English Renaissance scholar Lee Squires off to Montana again for another stint as a backwoods cook. Read full book review >
TRAIL OF MURDER by Christine Andreae
Released: Nov. 19, 1992

"Let's hope not."
Beneath the forgettable title and the unlikely premise—D.C. poet/professor Lee Squires signs on as trail cook (!) for wealthy Cyrus Strand's private party as they explore the remote Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana—lurks a surprisingly accomplished first novel. Read full book review >