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TRAVEL TALES by Christophe Blain
Released: Dec. 1, 1998

Showcasing their talents and styles, ten young European artists send characters on brief, quirky journeys, in play or dreams: Houdart, in the first story, shows how Louise and Pierre add wheels and wings to the sofa and take off; Florence Pinel's Ludo and Remi use different means of transportation to arrive at the same place; GÇraldine Goudard's Pipolito goes—from his bed—to the North Pole, then the Wild West, then mixes the two ("I built an igloo saloon"); and more. With the exception of Jacques Duquennoy's "Zoe's Ark," the paintings and collages are busy affairs, with tiny or hazy figures in postmodern compositions. As in the work of Peter S°s or Maira Kalman, the story lines will be easier for children to appreciate than the art, while older readers whose interest is piqued by these experiments will yearn for biographical or bibliographical notes. (Picture book. 7-9) Read full book review >